The scaffolding of habit

Don’t skip yer foundational core work (photo by Alessandra Cardin at Mula Yoga).

Now that autumn, a steadier season, is here, my pen swirls around the softer verbs of structure: layering, nesting, cocooning.

I still crave challenge, but it is taking on a more energetic, rather than purely physical, form. If I could characterize my current practice as a word, it would be a seed. It begins with the smallest thought, idea, or intention, then with each cycle of breath, that seed is nourished with energy, subtle engagement, and fuller-body movement, so that eventually, it becomes a fully-formed organism with all of its life-giving structures in place.

From studio to living room: still reaching for the light! (Photo: Katie Wittmann)
Photo by Luke Brugger on Unsplash



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Mixed-up Yogi

Mixed-up Yogi

Writing from beautiful Vancouver about muddling through via intuitive movement 🤸🏽‍♀️ place-based learning 🌳 strong coffee ☕️ creative connection✨