Musings on yoga and inclusion: Part 1

A small plant with three leaves growing in the desert sand
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
A woman with dark brown hair does child’s pose on a dark orange yoga mat on a smooth wood floor. Her palms are together at the front of the mat.
Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

I know: so many questions.

But these are crucial questions to ask if we want yoga to be inclusive. We cannot assume that everyone has a positive experience in yoga spaces. And if we want yoga to truly be available to all, we need to untangle some of the aspects that detract from that positive experience. The unfortunate truth is that for many students, yoga spaces do not feel welcoming.

To gain insights into what building inclusion into yoga teaching looks like, I approached a few of my peers who teach movement and meditation in a way that intentionally invites people in, regardless of where they’re coming from. Their views on inclusion stem from their own experiences as practitioners, as well as their intention to foster supportive communities for students of different ages, abilities, and interests.



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Mixed-up Yogi

Mixed-up Yogi

Writing from beautiful Vancouver about muddling through via intuitive movement 🤸🏽‍♀️ place-based learning 🌳 strong coffee ☕️ creative connection✨